About Us


With hardly any possibilities for part time work in the UAE, most mothers who on the one hand don’t want to neglect their responsibilities towards their children, on the other hand still are looking to follow a professional career, turn towards setting up their own business.
Being self-employed means they can pursue a career which reflects their own interests, and can adapt their work time according to the needs of their family.
However, starting a business is not easy, and most entrepreneur businesses fail.
Among many other difficulties in the UAE, a lack of a common platform is one of the reasons for failure. Online sales platforms are not widely used yet, and renting a retail shop is expensive and risky.
Hence, making a new business known is a challenge.

Our aim

Prime Dubai’s Team has gone through the same challenges. Our vision is to create one large event which all mumpreneurs can identify themselves with, regardless of the industry they are in or the stage at which their business is at.

Held once a month, for a small registration fee these mumpreneurs can test and show their products or services to potential customers and a wide public.

Run as a community event, the aim is to attract thousands of residents, but also tourists, to shop for new products and services and support local business.

The Prime Dubai Team


Monica Kubik & Melanie Beese